I was raised by parents who believed in the last regime but grew up in the Days of Chaos and Asmodeus’ rise to power, however they still held to the values they were taught, and so taught them to me. When i was 9 years of age a group of armored men came and took my father away I didn’t know why, still dont, but the crest they bore was burned into my memory from that night. asking my mother about it would cause her heartache and tears, so i learned quick it wasn’t something to bring up. at a later age i learned the insigna was that of the HellKnights a group of infamous high ranking soldiers that have a habit of taking people and when they do thats the last you see of them, what they do with those people is a mystery but it can’t be good. After that my mother had to work to provide for us, this left me alone for most of the day, so once my chores were done I would go out to one of the abandoned groves that used to be a shrine to ( old god ) and meet up with some of my friends…

one day when i was 12-14 my friends and I were playing some games and we saw a hooded figure duck into our little hidden area, as he did we heard some guards rush past shouting, he held his finger to his lips to keep us from speaking after a few moments the noise of the guards disappeared in the distance. the man then pulls out some money ( amount deemed decent ) and says we can have it as long as we dont tell the guards, we agree and he goes his own way, over the course of the next few weeks he came back to talk with us, he would show us some fancy tricks he knew with coins, cards, and even daggers. One day he told us he had been wondering who the fastest was among us and wanted to know if we would like to have a bit of a race to determine who it was. we agreed thinking it would be fun to race around and show off, he told us there was a shop about a mile away who had a letter for each of us and to get it we had to give him a codeword..we were to get the letter and bring it back to him..first one back with the letter won ( more money ). in short i won

after a few years of learning under his wing i became an accomplished rouge, only my boss and i disagreed on the reasons behind the jobs, I would even turn some down because i didn’t agree that they didn’t deserve to be stolen from. After a time my boss approached me about furthering my training…into becoming an assassin, I declined saying that i wasn’t a killer, i didn’t have the drive to be that kind of person, and besides that I couldn’t see how that would benefit our city. a few more times he would approach with this offer and i would decline as always….finally he came to me saying " I know you dont want to kill or think you can do it, but i have a contract that needs to be filled and its a little tricky, I could really use your help with it" we argued for a bit and i told him I had a job already lined up and no reason to abandon it to go on a mission to kill anyone and left.

(approx. age 16 ) I compleated my job, stealing a ring from one of the nobles, i stashed it away waiting for the right time to take it to the fence, the next day as i came home from my regular job i found the guards holding the ring i had stolen along with a warrant for my arrest, before I had time to react my mother confessed to stealing the ring saying i had nothing to do with it, and the guards escorted her away to be sentenced.


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