Character Creation

This will contain a step by step guide to help you augment the character creation process. These are just the steps needed to fully make the desired character and have it fit within the rules and setting.

Important Note – Just because you made a character that is techinically within the rules, does not mean it will be permitted to be used.

There are MANY reasons I might not permit a character. I know the campaign and how it is going to play. So to speak, I know the future. I decide what people are permitted to play based on 2 main factors.

#1 Is your character a real person or just a bunch of random words on a sheet?
This is easily the thing that will fail a character. I will provide some questions to help you figure this out. It can easily be the most daunting and intimidating part of character creation. To prevent this from being an issue I am going to post some questions for you to think about when designing your character. To be blunt. I care way more about your characters backstory and personality than i do his race/class/stats combo. While on paper you are a human/fighter, I care that you have a name, history, motivation, virtues, flaws, hopes, dreams, and shortcomings.

#2 Is your character going to add to the fun and group experience?
So lets take a random class here… rogue. You might think that a rogue that cannot stop stealing might be a great idea. You might think its fun and funny to steal every loose pouch you see. You know that drunk wizard in your party? He won’t miss his gold right? Think I am overstating this then read here Reddit Post . Now I could do this with each class but the point of what I am saying is this. I want EVERYONE to have a good fun experience. Things will get out of hand once in a while and that is expected and can be enjoyable if it happens organically. However, any character designed to troll from the gate will be denied.

Suggests and some Requirements

  • If you are new and haven’t really roleplayed then please watch this movie. The Gamers: Dorkness Rising . It is a comedy that shows the good (and funny) side of gaming. This IS what we will being doing. I will even reference it if it can explain something to the group.
  • You will need a “back up copy” of the book you clearly “purchased” and “own.”

This is a torrent to 5e D&D handbook
This is a pdf to 5e D&D handbook


The other books will contain things like spoilers and you risk ruining aspects of the game for yourself. It is highly required that you read through it. Pay close attention to the character creation section and the combat section.

To walk you through character creation I will be making a character along side my guide so you can see this process. Just look for the avatar

Character Creation

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